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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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That Jon Thomas

was willing to weave for
them, free of Cost for one year, provided
2 or 3 of their women, in that time, would
learn to Weave, but if they neglected this
The benefit designd by his thus instruc
ting them would not fully answer our
wishes- Their custom of Husbands
& Wives separating was next love to
upon & our sense thereon conveyed that
such a practice was displeasing to the
Great Spirit- & often left their Chi
lden in Poverty & Distress -

We also expressd a Desire that they
would think very seriously indeed be
fore they condemnd & Killd any for
supposing them guilty of Witchcraft
reminding them that about 100 years
since such a practice prevaild in one
neighbourhood among White People &
before put a stop to, some of those who
had been judges of others, were them
selves changed with the same often
is & executed. On these two sub
jects desiring their Careful Considera
tion but not wishing a reply at this