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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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toward the Town to know whether Council was
to be held to Day, bu on his Way was met
by J.P. one of the Indian Chiefs who was com
ing to inform us that it was deferrd till to
morrow we were therefore at liberty to stay
at home & sat with the Family in then usu
al ways. After Dinner a Couple of Indian
Girls (one of them Cornplanters

Daughter) came to learn
respecting the propriety of continuing the Prac
tice of Grinding for them instructing
in the various arts of Housewifery on this Day
of the Week- me own opinion is that it is time to
shew a discountenance as preparatory to a total
discontinuance others of the Committee do not
appear to be like minded supposing the Indians
to be not yet ripe on account of their prejudices &
want of Knowledge of Days- some of the Friends
stationed here have for some time been uneasy.
& other think the indulging Indians in this re
spect is unavoidable. I hope eventually all
will work right. Yesterday the Committee with
Friends of This Family agreed upon a address to
the Indians being previously drawn up by TS
since being here- in substance being-

I wish
to remind them of Frnd continued care toward
and regard for them. their starting that we had
from vicios their Farms & raised improvements
& had felt desires for their farther advancement
in every good Work. next that if they men would
do more Work on their Farms & would en
courage their Wives & Daughters in learning
to spin, Weave &c. Our belief was that they
would devise great advantage from it-