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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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tives of Neatness & Good Humour, inviting to the Eye,
and pleasant to the Taste, -- beside other
nice sauce, we are favourd with Good ap
petites as the Diminished Luxuries on the plenteous Board often
spread, daily bears Witness, Thus are
we favourd Day by Day from the bounte
ous Giver of every Good, - to whom with
propriety, the Aspiration may arise,
What shall we render for all Thy Bene

Corn Planters

Town Calld Genuch sha' ta go' (or the
Burnt House) has about 4 families who live
in it & is about 13 Miles from Cold Spring, down
the River- Genes'ing guh'ta (on amongst the
Hills) has 3 or 4 families & is 3 Miles from
Cold Spring- all on the West side of the Alle
& on its Banks- from Cold Spring to
Pittsburg by Water is Calld 210 Miles, & by
sand 150.- The Allegany River is a beau
tiful stream. There about 90 or 100 yeards
wide- is fordable when the Waters are low.
and for about half the Summer season na
vigable for Boats of 8 to 12 Tons. French
puts into the Allegany about 90 miles
from here & Conowongo about 30 Miles-
are both navigable Waters- the 1st
has 14 Miles sand can get to Lake Erie & the
other 8 Miles & head in Chintankquasake

24th & 1st of the Week,

No Message being re
cieved from the Indians, Joel set off this Morning