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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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pleasantly situate fronting the South, on an
agreeable Eminence and commands a view of the
Meadows, Creek, Race, Tanyard, Saw & Griste Mills
Cowpen, Piles of Boards &c. these are incom
passed by Wood, & to the South West is a consi
derable Mountain containing Petrified curiosities.
- on the North the Ground is rising, but not
immediately, and the Pine Trees here rear thin
lofty Heads. The House is a very comfort
able one, suited with Judgement for the
occasion. Its Inhabitants are a very
clever Company, each filling, or, and believe
sincerely endeavouring to fill up their
alotments & several services, & therefore
there is not one banner or unprofitable
among them- they appear to be im
pressed with the Inestimable value of
Accordance, & Consequently live in Love.
This Example cannot be last to their Indian
neighbors who often visit them- indeed
the seed sown has in many Instances pro
duced comfortable Fruit. May they be
presented is my sincere Petition!
As for us, we are here treated as Prices &
free on the Fat of the Land. Flesh
from the Field, & Fish from the Lucid
Stream;- Butter of Kine, excellent, in
deed, & vegetables first rate in quality;-
are prepared by the Representa