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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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Sabath, and hear Gospel, and try to per
suade all our Nation not Drunk Whiskey.
we shamed any of our People get Drunk
- we wish you Send Letter by Young Man
bring this, and tell when you Come
see. we want to see you here our
Fine Place-

We send our Love to you.
Signd by seven Chiefs- in English but written by
Nicholas Cusick (one of their number)
23 d

Cloudy & some Rain. no account yet of
the Indians return and we have to exercise Pati
ence. Ill therefore employ part of the Time in des
cribing this Farm. Know then whom it may
concern that it lies on the East side of the Allegany

at the Distance of about half a mile. is
bounded on that side being the West by the Indian Preservation
& on the East by Sands of the Holland Compy.
of whom it was purchased about the year 1803.
for $1.25 cents p Acre and contains 692
Acres- about 60 of which is cleard and per
haps 22 of the 60 may be Calld Meadow or
bottom Sand, lying on the Tunassasa Creek
which runs thro' its part of this Meadow is
considerably Improved & very good (say 12
Acres) the rest is capable of being made so,
and will all bear culture with the Plow.
The Cleard Upland produces well but is not
the most fertile- the residue mostly well
Timberd with W Pine, Hemlock, Beech,
Birch, Sugar Maple &c. The House is