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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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intends to purchase a Wheel of her own
& commence Spin'g after Corn Harvest -

22d, & 6th Day

- We have had summer Weather
since being here & to Day several fine Showers
being the first Rain of Consequence that we
have seen since leaving home. In the
Evening Jacob Taylor

arrived here having
rode from Cattaraagus to Day- he informs
that the Indians propose being home to
morow giving us a hearing in
council on first Day. Jacob was very
entertaining this Evening in some encou
raging accounts of Indian Improvement
& relating some Annecdotes of their Dis
cernment & Talents. he also read us an
Indian Letter to the Agent of the US for the six Nations on
Indian Affairs. being as follows-

TusKarora Village March 8th 1808 Mr Granger

We Chiefs must inform you, as
you are superintendant, that bad thing
happen in our Nation. last Sattarday
we very Sorry. we hope you will not
be angry with us about it, when you
know Truth about it. One William, be
long Oneida Nation

. very bad Man,
he kill one Wife in Oneida, he then
run away, come amongst us- take
Wife in our Nation- he got Drunk very