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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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short letter from Jacob Taylor

an Extract
from which I insert as it shows the place Jacob
has with the indians and also touches on their im
provement --

Buffelow creck June 19th 1809 Respt Friends

I have now a short oppy to note that
I arrived here last sixth day at the pressing re
quest of the allegany

and Cattarauguy Chiefs, to at
tend a council of the six nations. I find the
principle Business is to adopt some permanent
measure to prevent any more Sales of their Lands
&c. The War Department are mostly in favour
of the Plan, & I rather think it will be car
ried into effect - they have received their
presents a few Days since at this place
from the U.S. & I think I never saw so
many Indians together that conduct
ted with so much propriety - the num
ber could not be well ascertained but it
was thought there were about One Thou
sand, and I dont remember to see One
Drunken Indian amongst them -

I believe Wool & other Articles we shall
want can be obtained at this place - The
Agents says he will furnish the Cattaragus
Indians with Wheels, or Unite in any
Measure proper to forward the Object of
Improvement - the Chief Warriors wife
has learnd to spin tolerably well, and