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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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mo 20th

staid about home & employd part of the time
down five feet deep in a Mound in the Field under an ap
prehension that it had once been an Indian place of
internment but in this we were disappointed. we how
ever found a number of Pebble stones which on break
ing often presented us the impression of marine
shells - were also thrown a Flint stone taken
from the River those involving a shell of their kind -
and about this House & premises there are large
rough stones suitable for building which are
apparently composed entirely of marine shells
& a kind of Earth or Clay in a Petrified state
they told in that in the copy of the Mountains, which is
here near us & in full view, are abundance
of stone of this description & that Petrifaction
is very common & discoverable in various ways
throughout this Mountaneous Country- that
wherever this Petrification prevails the inhabi
tants are subject to the complaint before
mentioned of a Swelling in the Throat, here
denominated the Guitar -

21st & 5th of the Week

- sat with the Fam
ily in their Week Day meeting - after Din
ner the Indian Runner who went with our
Message to Cattaraugus

came in, having
been quite to Buffalo, calld of 5 miles by
the Indian Path - he left their town on
first Day about Eleven oclock & returned
to it about the same hour having performed
the journey wholly on foot in 11 Days - be
ing about 150 Miles- he brought a