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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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down the Stream about Eleven Miles
& lodged on an Island- Conudiu

appointed successor & Intercessor, to en
deavour to Keep Peace with the Great Spi
rit by averting Judments &c- They also
Esteem him a Great Doctor & a Prophet when
disposed to communicate any thing to the
Indians in this Way, he wraps or covers himself
with his Blanket flying down quite
still with two little Heaps of Tobacco
smoaking beside him, he pretends
leave the Body & Ascend to the upper
Regions where he says he holds communion
with the Angels & recieves from them
information respecting such Things as
the Great Spirit designs should be
imparted to the Indians- after he has
lain about half am Hour he throws
off his Blanket & opening his Eyes
sets up- a council is then Calld &
the subject of his pretended Visions
communicated these professed Reve
lations have in some Instances had a
remarkable effect upon the Indians-
his first Visions in this way we were