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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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I wrote home from
here directed to Sister Mary.


left Rich. Moores

after Breakfast
our Course nearly South East. Crossd another
spur of the Allegany Mountains descending wh
a stony muddy road is calld a mile & I think
it was, so--Our Road this forenoon was very
bad with Roots & mud--in ab. 14 miles riding
we put in at Ja. Dixons--who mar. a Daugh
ter of Ja. J--our intention was to feed
only but Wm. Ellis havg given them inform.
of our comg along they had prepard a Dinner
of Venison, Ham, Cabbage, & I think the best
Potatoes I ever eat--there were two Farms
adjoining & two Houses had
lived about 4 years in one of them--it
is now converted into a Barn--after
Dining we proceeded thro Road the worst
we had yet found & in about 5 miles des
cended another Hill about a Mile down
in parts very steep & muddy--the Timber
is principally Hemlock & Sug. Maple
the soil a rich black mold or mixd
on a Clay Bottom. Our Course has