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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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been very Crooked--first about East
then N.West & toward Evening West--we
crossd the Branches of Pine Creek

great many times--& Pine Creek four
Times--rode about Eleven miles since
Dinner (25th Day) & put in before
night at Aaron Lurmans small
House on the Banks of Pine Creek
where they have Employd
much Labour in planting a
by makg a Stone Wall or bank
across the Creek in form of a V.
Pine Creek is here a Princely Stream
quite equal I think to the Schuyl
. Our Road to Day was the most
likely to have misled us of any Day before
but at Rich. Moores we met with Jn. Norris
who accomp. us till some miles after
Dinner--Lycoming Creek is in Lycomg County
We had Trout Both for Supper & Break
fast, and altho our Lodging was in Beds
of Straw our Sleep was Sweet &