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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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Mill or Delmarr Post Office which is also Seated on a part of the
Lands of B. Morris

& Co. as do all the Lands
we have rode over this Afternoon--being
a fine rich red mold heavily Timberd with
White Pine, Sugar Maple, Beach, Button
wood, Birch & other Timbers & much under
Brush. One kind calld the Trip up which
produces a Berry now red, but when ripe
nearly black--the Reds are very fond of
them & we eat some--within a few miles
of Rich. Moores we came to a branch of Pine Creek
& forded it I believe at least a Dozen times
we found the Road a little muddy this after
noon but better than we expected & soon
after getting in it began to rain.
Benjamin Mooress Track of Land
extends about 6 miles further being ab. 19 or
20 miles in length & from 2 to 4 in width
Wellsborough Benjamin Town is about 17 Miles from
this place, where they [?] Co. have
also a considerable Track of Land.
We supd with a relish on Trout, Veinoson &
a Dish of Coffee &c. & after had a good nights Rest.