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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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therefore, in the clearest terms, now relin-
-quishd all such claim, reserving only the
preemption, or exclusive right of purchasing
of the Indians.- The Commissioners then
express'd their desires to meet the Indians in
full Council, and a belief that if such
work a thing could be done, and a friendly
conference take place, a satisfactory and lasting
Peace would be the consequence - They
concluded with intimating that for the
sake of an accommodation they would be
willing to give up all the Land to the N.W. of the
Ohio, excepting such only as were absolutely~
appropriated, and, for such as were appropri-
-ated, a generous compensation should be
paid down, and a yearly Rent allowed
forever.- The answer was interpretted
paragraphically as it was read, and then
the whole writing given to the Indians.

-The old Wiandot Chief who delivered the
message yesterday, got up and said, as the
sun was going down they would consider of what was said by
the Commissioners answer and speak a few
words to them in the Morning.

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