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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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which induced us to come forward,
we gladly accepted the offer


Captain Elliott

intending this day
for the Indian Council, the following ad-
dress was agreed to, and enclosed in a
Letter to Colonel McKee, who is desired
to communicate the same to the Indians

To the Indians, assembled at the Rapids
of the Miami

We who send you this Letter
are of the People called Quakers, and have
left our homes and families in Pensylvania
and New Jersey, and taken this long Journey
to see you purely from motives of Love and
good will, and to endeavour to promote
peace.- We have been now five weeks at
Detroit waiting for the opening of the Treaty
at Sandusky

, where we expected to have seen
you all, but as we have heard a number
of your People are gone to Niagara to meet
the Commissioners, we do not know but the
business may be so concluded there, as that