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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Perplex'd with various reports, and
contradictory opinions.- it is said, the
American A:rmy ie still advancing, and
that an encampment is form 'd, in front of
Fort Jefferson

, within 30 miles of where the
last Battle was fought.- that the Indians
are more & more settled in their
determination, that nothing short of the
boundary line being fixt on the River Ohio,
will ever induce them to lay down the
Hatchet, - that, in consequence of this
resolution, they have sent a deputation
to the Commissioners at Niagara, in order,
if their instructions does not impower
them to make such a Cession, to prevent
their taking the unnecessary trouble of
coming forward any further.- indeed,
it seems to be the prevailing opinion of
the day, that there will be no Treaty at
all. - A number of Philadelphia and
New York News Papers came to Colt England
by the Ottaway, some as late as the 23d of
last Month, since we have been favour'd