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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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interest to remove there, than any other part of the
world. Many of them are sober and industrious, are
well acquainted with agriculture, and are good me-

A young man left here a few months ago for Port
au Prince

, who was sent from England by the British
and Foreign School Society, for the purpose of intro-
ducing schools in your island, on an extensive and
improved plan. I am anxious to know if he is likely
to succeed, and should be much gratified in learning
that you have a number of schools, established in
different parts of thy government. To thy enlight-
ened mind it is unnecessary for me to enlarge on the
importance of this object, to advance which your
government cannot appropriate too much money.

I have also sent thee a volume of the Transactions
of the New York Literary and Philosophical Society.
If you have any pamphlets or other objects, relating
to the natural history of your island, they would be
very acceptable.

It would afford me singular pleasure to render thee
any services; and if, in any way, it is in my power
to be useful to thee in this city, I beg thou wilt freely
command me. I am, with sentiments of the greatest
respect and esteem,

Thy assured friend, THOMAS EDDY.
To President PETION. London, 20th February, 1818. MY DEAR SIR,

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your obliging
favour of the 9th of April last, with the accompany-
ing books and pamphlets, which were safely deli-
vered by Mr. Greig

, and for which I beg you will
accept of my best thanks. I should have done this
at an earlier period, had I not waited for Mr. Greig's
return, which has been protracted far beyond the
time either he or I had calculated upon. He has been