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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Accept, dear friend, my love and affectionate salu-

THOMAS JEFFERSON. New York, 9th mo. 24th, 1817. RESPECTED FRIEND,

I return thee my most sincere thanks for thy very
polite and friendly letter, by Captain Brown

, dated
17th May. I have been prevented from sooner ac-
knowledging the favour, by absence from the city
for some months past. I now send some books, which,
I trust, will be interesting, and of which I request
thy acceptance. Amongst them thou wilt find the
last Annual Report of our American Bible Society,
which be pleased to present to your Bible Society.
If that Society would address the American Bible
, announcing their formation, and forward a
copy of their constitution, with a sketch of the pros-
pect before them, it would be the means of opening
a correspondence between the two Societies, that
might prove mutually useful.

The American Society

have printed a number of
French stereotype bibles, containing the Old and New
Testaments, and would cheerfully supply yours, at
the cost of printing and binding.

A highly respectable society has been formed at

, for the purpose of colonizing the free
people of colour in the United States. I send thee a
pamphlet, stating the views of this society; but they
have not yet concluded to what part of the world it
would be most advisable to recommend their emigra-
tion. This society is about sending an agent to
Africa, to endeavour to procure an asylum for them
at Sherbro, near Sierra Leone, or some other part of
the continent. I am of opinion it would not answer
for them to go to your island, unless a permanent
peace was established. When that happy event shall
have taken place, it will certainly be more for their