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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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ner of making the communication. I will add, that
if it should he concluded, that such a communication
ought to be made, it would have an incalculable good
effect, if it could be presented to our legislature
about the time that the Commissioners offer their
annual report. This may be done, if your legisla-
ture meets in January, as I am informed it will.

I send by the mail, two copies of our reports to
the legislature, and a letter from Robert Fulton

G. Morris, on the advantage of Canal navigation. I
shall be very glad to hear from thee soon by mail,

And am, &c., THOMAS EDDY.
To SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, Ohio. Geneva, Ontario County, 29th December, 1815. MY DEAR SIR,

I was favoured, about ten days ago, with your
letter of the 28th ultimo, enclosing the copy of one
from you, of a prior date, to Mr. Barent Bleecker


The shortness of the days, and the pressure of my
agency business, with some other circumstances, not
necessary to be mentioned, have prevented me from
returning you an earlier answer.

As yet, I have received no communication from
Mr. Wright

, on the subject of the memorial, which
he was to set on foot, at Rome, and other places.

Last week there was a meeting of the Directors
of the Seneca Canal Company, in this village; and
I embraced the opportunity, which the meeting
afforded, of consulting the Directors on the expediency
of the proposed Canal, from Rome

to Salina. I found
them unanimously of opinion, that the measure was
well calculated to improve the navigation—that it
ought to be zealously pursued—and that they would
individually contribute their best endeavours to pro-
mote its success.

The work of canalling the Seneca Falls, is pro-
gressing with every prospect of being completed by