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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Ohio, and that your citizens appear to take a very
decided part in favour of promoting the contemplated
connexion of the waters of Lake Erie with the Hud-
son River; and he adds, that many persons expressed
an anxious desire, that your legislature should make
a communication to our legislature on the subject,
stating the great advantages that would be afforded
to the State of New York

, if this grand project was
once accommplished. On this I crave to remark, and
beg thy particular attention. If your legislature
could be induced to make such a communication,
there is not the least doubt to be entertained, but
that it would have so much weight with our legis-
lature, as to induce them immediately to commence
the work. It is true, the commissioners, as well
as others, have endeavoured to make the legislature
understand, that the Canal of course would draw
your trade to New York, but owing to a want of
knowledge of the geography of the country, they are,
many of them, incapable of forming a correct judg-
ment on the subject. It will then be readily con-
ceived, how much it might enlighten their minds,
and influence their judgments, if a suitable commu-
nication was made in the manner before mentioned.
I beg leave to refer this part of the subject to thy
serious attention, and possibly it may correspond
with thy views, to use thy influence, and unite it
with other influential characters in your State, to
introduce it before your legislature. Our sessions
commence at Albany in January. Congress have
large tracts of land in your Stateā€”suppose your
legislature should apply for a grant of a portion of
land, expressly for the purpose of promoting the com-
pletion of the Canal, and then you were to offer it to
the legislature of New York, on condition that the citi-
zens and produce of the State of Ohio, should pass
through the Canal and Locks without paying toll.
This is offered as a hint for your examination; you
are more capable of judging as to the mode and man-