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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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next October, if sufficient additional funds can be
procured for the purpose. The contractor for the
work is a Mr. Marshal Lewis

; this gentleman seems
to unite rare talents, with uncommon application,
and exemplary integrity; and he has thus far
brought forward the work in a style supposed to
surpass, as well in durability as in appearance, any
canal work in the United States. This fortunate
result, however, is in great part to be ascribed to a
species of stone, discovered by Mr. Lewis, at the head
of the Seneca Lake; which is taken from the quarry
in large masses, is of a blueish colour, and though of
solid texture, yet it is sufficiently soft to yield, with
ease, to the stroke of the hammer. Mr. Lewis has
gone so far beyond his contract, in the good quality
of his work, that the sum he is to receive will fall
near ten thousand dollars short of what is requisite
to finish it; to supply which deficiency the Directors
intend to apply to the liberality of the legislature.

All our accounts from the settlers in the neigh-
bourhood of Lake Ontario, and from the traders re-
siding within our territory, but doing more or less
business in Montreal

, agree that the British have their
eyes wide open, to the importance of the trade of
this country, and are adopting measures to secure it.
Among other means, they have put in train the build-
ing of steam boats on the Lake, to carry freight to
and from Fort Wellington, late Prescott; and they
are, moreover, contemplating the improvement of the
navigation of the St. Lawrence, by canalling the
rapids; which, it is said, will not be a very difficult

Such being the policy of the British, it behooves
our state to wake from its slumber—to be active,
and to strain every sinew of its ability, to counter-
act it. I need not observe, on the almost wonderful
increase of wealth, which the state would derive
from a constant and uninterrupted flow of the pro-
ducts of this large and fertile district, into the cities