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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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New York, 11th mo., 11th, 1815. RESPECTED FRIEND,

I have had considerable conversation with our
mutual friend, Judah Colt

, Esq. of the town of Erie,
on the subject of the proposed Canal from Erie to
the Hudson, and being extremely desirous of know-
ing the sentiments of the citizens of your State rela-
ting to a plan, that appears to me, so interesting to
you as well as to us, I take the liberty, in conformity
to the recommendation of my friend Colt, to crave of
thee, to give me such information as may be in thy
power. I have been, for twenty years, a Director in
the West Inland Canal Company of this State, and
have frequently visited our western country; and as
one of the Commissioners appointed by our legisla-
ture, for the consideration of all matters relating to
the improvement of the internal navigation of the
State, I explored in company with the said Com-
missioners all our western waters, as far as Lake
. I mention these circumstances, merely to
account for the zeal I may discover, in wishing to
promote an object of the highest importance, and
incalculable value, as it regards the state of New
, and most of the other States in the Union.
No person who has sufficiently reflected on the sub-
ject, would hesitate one moment on account of the
cost, as it is a well known fact, that the resources of
this State alone, are fully equal to the undertaking.
During the late war, the subject of course did not
command much public attention, but since we have
enjoyed the blessings of peace, the minds of most of
our citizens appear to be anxious to have it accom-
plished. Still we shall have many difficulties to en-
counter—with the timid, who are afraid of the expense
—and the ignorant, who are incapable of apprecia-
ting its importance and advantages. I have lately
received a letter from a gentleman, who resides on the
Allegany River in this State, who states he has lately
been in the State of Ohio, as far as the falls of the