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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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modifications. On the whole, I venture to presume,
that the Practical Hints, the letter of my friend
Samuel Tuke

to thee, and the modified plan of the
intended Wakefield Asylum, will very materially
assist you in adopting such a building and establish-
ment, as will answer the end you have in view.

I have pleasure in being the instrument of convey-
ing to thee these subjects of information; and remain

Thy sincere and affectionate friend, LINDLEY MURRAY.
To Mr. THOMAS EDDY, New York.

P.S.—My wife joins me in kind remembrance to
thy dear wife. Remember me also kindly to thy
ingenious son, who obligingly sent me copies of his
very neatly executed maps.

New York, 11th month, 23th, 1815. MY DEAR FRIEND,

Inclosed is the copy of a letter, addressed by me
to Barent Bleecker

, of Albany. I beg to claim thy
attention to the subject of this letter, and if, in thy
opinion, it would be advisable for the Board of Direc-
tors of our Canal Company to offer a memorial to
the legislature, embracing the several matters con-
tained in the letter, it is probable it will be adopted
by the Board; if any thing further occurs to thy
mind on the subject, please inform me.

Thou wilt recollect that, when I had the pleasure
of seeing thee at Albany

, we agreed, that it would
be highly proper for the people in the western part
of the State, to send to the legislature, this winter, a
memorial, urging in strong terms the necessity of
adopting some plan, for improving the internal navi-
gation of this State, by means of Canals, &c., and
proposing one to be made from Rome to Salina.
Benjamin Wright engaged to correspond with thee
on the subject of such a memorial; he is very active
in endeavouring to promote the plan of beginning
at Rome. I am perfectly satisfied, that unless you