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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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In returning to my lodgings, I had the curiosity
to take the dimensions of a chesnut tree, of the
sweet kind, which stood by the way side; and
round it more than 27 feet in circumference, and
its thickness continued in regular proportion to
the height of about seven yards, which was the
length of the bole, clear of branches.

7th Month, 16th.

I have noticed for a day or
two past, that the harvest for wheat, rye, and
barley, is entirely over, not having continued more
than two weeks. The serene and settled weather
generally prevalent here, with the practice of work
people of all descriptions turning into the harvest
field, makes short work of it. It is not customary
here, as in England, for the women to work
in the harvest field at all. In this neighbourhood
the blacksmiths, wheelwrights, weavers, taylors,
&c. &c. all shut up their shops to assist the far-

7th Month, 20th.

I attended Merion meeting

and in the afternoon visited an ancient friend of
the name of Mary Price, who, although upwards
of 80 years of age, generally walks about a mile to
meeting; and, considering her years, continues to
be an active, lively woman. At her house I was
shewn a deed of conveyance, of five thousand acres
of land, the purchase-money for which was one
hundred pounds, reserving a quit-rent to William