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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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and his heirs, of 1s. per acre. The same
land, where inclosed, now sells for 12l. per acre,
being a six hundred fold advance in the course of
120 years, on the intrinsic value of the land. The
above-mentioned deed was a conveyance from
Charles Lloyd, and a female of the name of
Davies, to a person of the name of Humphreys.
This deed is in the hands of M. P's daughter-
in-law, who is a descendant of the Lloyds of

7th Month, 21st,

was employed in writing to
my wife and family, when I informed them of my
intention of sailing for England, in the John
Morgan, Captain Bunker

, with whom I was well
acquainted, and whom I knew to be a skilful,
careful seamen; but notwithstanding my intentions,
I was prevented, by unforeseen circumstances,
from sailing in this ship; for which I have reason
to be thankful, as in her voyage to England she
struck upon a rock in the night, on the coast of
the Isle of Man, and was lost.

7th Month, 22d.

I had a pleasant walk to the
Falls of the Schuylkill, having business to transact
with a person there. On my way thither, I was
informed of the decease of Joshua Rowland

, an
amiable young man, of Lewis-Town, near the
mouth of the Delaware. Although not more
than 25 years old, his loss will be severely felt by