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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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10th Month, 4th.

I attended Merion meeting

where we had the company of Elizabeth Cogshall
and Elizabeth Bird. After meeting I spent some
time with them pleasantly, at the house of a
young man who had been disowned for taking up
arms; but who had lately been reinstated; and his
wife, who is an agreeable friend, was received into
membership about the same time.

10th Month, 5th.

Joseph Paul

kindly took me
in his carriage, to see a large encampment on the
Ridge Road, where many poor persons were accom-
modated, who had left Philadelphia to avoid the
infection of the yellow fever. Afterwards, we visited
the gardens and green-houses of Wm. Hamilton,
where we saw a number of plants and shrubs,
natives of every quarter of the world.

10th Month, 10th.

I went to Radnor monthly

; at which was a couple, who were about
to be married; for whose accommodation the meet-
ing at Merion was agreed to be held on 5th day,
instead of 6th; and the alteration appearing eligi-
ble for a continuance, was so determined. After
meeting, I dined at J. H.'s, and supped and spent
the evening at O. J.'s. This friend was one of
those who suffered banishment on account of their
supposed attachment to the British, during the