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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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of this assembly, I understood that great exertions
had been used to preserve order, especially through
the night; and, that, at ten o'clock in the evening,
patrols went round the encampment to see that
all were in their proper tents and places. Those
who had not a birth within the camp were sent out.
Their meetings had been kept up for several days with
almost incredible zeal, from early in the morning
until late in the evening; and, even after they had
withdrawn into their huts and tents, numbers of
them continued in prayer through a great part of
the night. It may well be supposed therefore
that the preachers were a good deal exhausted;
especially as their language and gestures were
generally violent. Some of the most zealous
would quite exhaust themselves in less than an
hour; but, there being a considerable number on the
stage on which they preached, their places were sup-
plied immediately on their siting down. I observed
that a great number of Negro families attended;
and many of them in handsome carriages. The
whole number of persons composing this meeting
was said to be 5000.

10th Month, 3d.

I spent the last four days at

. We have lately had the agreeable com-
pany of divers friends, some of whom left Phila-
on account of the yellow fever, which
prevailed in the city.