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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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4th Month, 12th.

Since my arrival in New-

, I have been engaged principally with busi-
ness. On the 11th I accompanied several of my
countrymen on board the Laura, on their way to
England, and was ready to murmur that I was not
to continue one of the party. Whilst I stood upon
the battery, watching the ship as she made her way
towards the narrows, the weather being fine and
clear, somewhat like one of our finest summer
days, I thought that I had scarcely ever beheld a
prospect more delightful.

This afternoon, the 12th,

I took my passage in
the packet, and came again to Amboy

in the even-
ing, where I lodged; and, on the 13th, I came to
Bristol. On the 14th, being first day, I attended
the meeting at this place.

I have often had to notice the hospitality of
friends in this part of the world. Here again I
witnessed it, in the generous attention of a friend
of this place, who kindly invited me to his house;
where I dined. This friend I found was a relation
to the Wilson's of Kendal. After spending an
hour or two satisfactorily in his family, I went on
board the packet for Philadelphia

, accompanied
by several friends from this neighbourhood, who
were on their way to the yearly meeting about to
be held in that city. The weather being warm
and fine, and having a clear moonlight evening,