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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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we had an agreeable sail down the Delaware; the
pleasure of which was heightened, by the unre-
served conversation of a number of sensible friends
on board the packet. After landing near the spot
where William Penn held his treaty with the In-
dians, I made the best of my way to my old quar-
ters in Arch-street, where I lodged this night.

4th Month, 15th, 1805.

I attended the first
sitting of the yearly meeting in Philadelphia

. This
yearly meeting comprises the following quarterly
meetings, (viz.) Philadelphia, Abbington, Bucks
Concord, Caln, Western, Southern, Bur-
lington, Haddenfield, Salem, and Shrewsbury.
The first sitting was chiefly occupied in calling
over the representatives, reading several certifi-
cates of public friends present, from distant
yearly meetings, and in answering the five first

In the afternoon the remaining queries were

4th Month, 16th.

At the third sitting a number
of epistles were received from different yearly
meetings on this continent, as well as one from
that held in London. Six thousand copies of the
latter were ordered to be printed, for distribution
within the district of this yearly meeting.