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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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you can't suppose that the Almighty looks so
narrowly into our actions as you do!-Thus we
see that the great adversary deceives his victims into
a belief, that their actions are not seen by the Om-
niscient Eye. I spent the evening and slept under
G. D.

's hospitable roof.

4th Month, 7th.

I attended Burlington Meet-

; and in the afternoon set out in the stage for
Allentown. My companion in the stage was a
young man lately returned from St. Domingo. He
had resided several years there, and had been wit-
ness to many atrocious cruelties which had been
perpetrated on that island, both by the white and
black people; and which are too shocking to re-
late. In making a comparison between the whites
and blacks, as to the faculties of the mind, he
declared that he could perceive no difference,
where the advantages of education had been equal.

4th Month, 8th.

I lodged last night at Al-

, and came this day to Amboy; and, after
dinner, went on board the packet for New-York,
where I arrived safe this evening. I have often
admired the prospects around Amboy, as well as
those from the Sea, throughout the whole passage
to New-York, particularly in passing Staten and
Long Islands, and when the eye catches a first view
of that city. The whole is indeed extremely beau-
tiful, but not easily described.