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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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Chapter V.
Burlington--Allentown--New-York--Bristol--Philadelphia--Yearly Meeting there.

On the 6th of the 4th Month,

I left Philadelphia

on my way to New-York, and, after a pleasant
sail of three hours, arrived safe at Burlington.
Among the passengers in the packet, was a British
sailor on his way to England, being summoned as
an evidence between the owners and
underwriters of a slave ship. He told me, that
he was the only survivor out of 380 persons; 350
of which were slaves.

We read that a sparrow does not fall to the
ground without the notice of our heavenly Father.
How great then must be the responsibility of the
owners of one of these slave ships, who, in the
wantonness of power, or the gratification of a base
and sordid disposition, thus exposes the lives of
his fellow-creatures to every species of suffering,
and very frequently, as in the above case, to a
premature death!

I recollect once being in conversation with a
person concerned in the traffic, and who was dis-
posed to defend it; at length being hard pressed,
he gave up the point, in a good deal of warmth,
with this remarkable declaration:-Why, Sir,