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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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3d Month, 22d.

After about three months con-
tinuance the frost broke up, which was such as had
not been felt for the last 40 years, and during which
even the largest rivers were so frozen, that
heavy carriages passed offer them daily, as on dry
land. At one time I had the curiosity to measure
the ice on the river Delaware, and found it was 22
inches in thickness. Now the wind having shifted
to the southward, the snow and ice were fast dis-
appearing; and, on taking a ride towards Glouces-
ter Point, it was curious to hear the loud croaking
and whistling, that proceeded from the Lizards
and frogs in every pool of water I passed by.

4th Month, 5th.

During my stay in Philadelphia

I often experienced the generous hospitality of my
friends in that city, in very frequent invitations
to one or other of their houses. In the recollec-
tion of their kindness the feelings of gratitude
often arise in my breast.