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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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This woman, who is a Christian, went three hundred
miles to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in 1802, when I was
there, the last time I was in the country.

[Utica, 21st
8th mo. 1805.

This day I took my leave of Samuel Kirkland’s family,
whom I hope to meet in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus
Christ, if I see them no more in time. Eliza was a very
pleasant companion, and assuaged my grief, in bringing
me hither in her father’s chaise, being almost spent: for I
have preached, prayed, and inwardly groaned so mud,
hungering and thirsting after Righteousness for the Indians
of the South Settlement, Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brother-
, that they may know the Love of Jesus, and witness
the Power of God. I bid all those different Tribes adieu,
believing my seed sown among them, shall be watered by
Him who has richly provided for me, amidst so many
scenes of wo and poverty that my eyes have beheld.

The white people, whom I have mixed among, are
principally dead in trespasses and sins; and have a worse
chance at salvation than their neighbouring brethren,
whom they despise; because they conceive themselves a
little better off than those; being able to contrive better
than they, who have laboured under so many disadvanta-
ges from the want of the peculiar Smile of an Indulgent
Parent, who will Justify all His Proceedings at the last,
and require of us all according to what knowledge he im-
parts. My friend Eliza Kirkland copied me this Address
at my request: for, I thought it proved the Indians are
capable of improvement when their day of knowledge ap-
proaches by the Special Providence of God, who setteth
up one and putteth down another, that it may be seen by
all, He Ruleth on earth as well as in Heaven, being the
Only Potentate, who seethe all things.

[22d 8th mo. 1805,
Little Falls.] Speech of Peter, the Pagan, alias Sategealithea.

A YOUNG Indian of the Pagan party, in a fit of in-
toxication, had attempted to stab with a tomahawk, a white