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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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their object they were no more friends, but treated them
unkindly and destroy their property, but said he liked
the people called Quakers, that they were good people and
would do them no harm. After the meeting was over,
they generally expressed a wish that she would pay them
another visit. This is the only instance that I ever knew
this Chief to be pleased with white people coming amongst
them, or paying any attention to the preaching of the


My friends set me to Augusta, where I had a favoured
meeting, but was obliged to go into the woods, for the
house would not hold the people collected from various
motives. I sat in silence for some minutes, and then
stood upon the stump of a tree, and looking steadfastly at
a well dressed man, I pronounced those words, If they
hear not Moses, and the prophets, neither will they be
persuaded though one rose from the dead. I signified
there are such present, who neither believed in Moses,
nor the prophets; and although my soul was risen from
the dead spiritually, they would not give credit to it unless
they believed in the outward Record, which testified of
Him who was the Resurrection of soul, as well as body,
and who was beheld by the children of Israel, when Moses
lifted up the brazen serpent on a pole, for those stung by
serpents to behold, as though they beheld the Son of Man,
the Son of God lifted up, who should Cure the deadly
wound of the old serpent, even satan, who brought a spi-
ritual death into the souls of all, since the day that Adam
fell by disobeying the Righteous Commandment of the
Living God. I labored until I had no more strength,
either to pray or preach, as I thought, and therefore gave
over; and the man whom I particularly addressed, when
he could no longer stand the Truth, slipped off out of my
sight. i was told, He had been educated a Quaker; but
had not been at a meeting for religious worship for twenty