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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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When my dear young friend was going, I feel a weeping,
thinking my case very hard: but as my tears were flow-
ing from a heart, which desired to know the Will of God,
it immediately passed through my mind that Balaam’s
Ass, would not go once because an angel stood before it
with a drawn sword; I therefore besought the Lord to
reveal His Will to me, that I might know why the horse
would stand still there; and the answer was, I do not
want thee to go further West than Oneida, where the
Indians are. Astonished at this salute, I recollected, that
the week before, I had a meeting appointed at the same
house for worship, and such a heavy rain came, that no
person could go with me, and I knew not the road, so put
it by saying, I would go next week, but I suppose, did
not either add If God permit, or else forgot to enquire
of the Lord whether I should accept this offer, yea, or
nay, begin solicited to go fifty miles further, to appoint
meetings all round the neighbourhood. With dread awe,
I ventured to request the Lord to permit me to go and
fulfil my engagement, in pity to the people, acknowledg-
ing my folly, in hastily complying to go any where un-
sent of Him; also acquiescing with His Providential
Will, who had limited me to answer His own purpose,
which I should find was right when I saw it fulfiled; and
in order to shew my willingness to comply with His Di-
vine command, I agreed to eat no bread there, if He re-
quires me to return back the nine miles in the evening;
to which was answered, Thou mayest go if thou wilt ap-
point no more meetings there, and immediately my
horse started without my speaking; and I went back for
the dear young woman, who had been in a fainting fit all
the time that the direction of God was given me. She
was so alarmed, that I expected I should be obliged to go
without her, but as I assured her no further harm would
befall us, and I would not stay there all night, once more
she resumed her office, and was a very pleasant companion
to me although not Born again, the second time. Very
short notice collected the people, who were disappointed