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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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wanted animation in his delivery, which was a great dis-
advantage; nevertheless they were very attentive, and
fully satisfied by Doctor Peter’s Energetic Speech, that
indicated, They were thankful that the Good Spirit
had sent me over the Great Water to visit them; and they
hoped the Great Spirit would take care of me; and con-
duct me safe back again to my own native place, request-
ing another visit from me next Sabbath morning if I would
indulge them with my company. Doctor Peter was a
Chief, as well as their Speaker, and delivered their speech
of gratitude with great punctuality, which I lament on
account of not having it translated. Blacksmith, the old
Pagan Chief, was highly pleased with my prayer, and
sermon, and desired the favour of my Coming again,
when I bid him adieu. His ears were slit, and hanging
down, and his forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin were paint-
ed red: he had a hairy cap on, with a red tail half a yard
long, with a yellow striped ruffled dress, that came down
to his feet, and the sleeves thereof to his fingers, bowed
together with age, having on his brest a large ornament
life a half moon of silver. In this part, they who knew
him, said that he thought the white people devils, because
they never were infested with rats, or crows, till they
settled round them. To my eye, he appeared a complete
savage: and I venture to say, the remembrance of him in
time will never wear off, I was filled with such dread awe
while he described the white preachers to me, and I hope
his situation will arouse me to pray for the completion of
those promises respecting Jesus Christ, He shall take
the heathen for His Heritage, and the uttermost part of
the earth for His Possession. And all shall know the
Lord, from the least to the greatest.

In the afternoons, I went two miles to the other settle-
ment of Indians, on the Oneidaground, where numbers
collected together with the Indians, and my Interpreter
went for the purpose of relieving my anxiety, which was
great, from a desire to benefit those whom the Lord my
God had caused me to sow in tears for ever since I was a