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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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Three days and had this advice from him, her husband
being present, We were not to drink, lie, cheat, nor
steal, to correct our children, but not to whip them too
much; and when any of our Nation was sick, we must
visit, and be kind to them. It was last summer that Tal-
was there with her husband. She also added, When
the old prophet goes out to preach, he has thirty Indians
to protect him from the rage of such as may oppose him.

I have long believed in the ministration of angels, and
this is as great a proof as any I have heard of in my travels
among the heathen: for those only believe in God, as a
Great Spirit. Tally, the Indian squaw, is a respectable
woman, ad can speak English well; for she was several
years with a Quaker’s family, who took great pains with

28th 7th mo. 1805. This morning at break of day, I
found my soul drawn out to pray for the Pagan Indians,
who never worship God but once a year, believing only in
the Great Spirit. Calvin Young, and his daughter Peggy,
with several more went with me; I suppose there were
ten horses went through the woods, for the purpose of
going to what is called the South Settlement , where the
Chief, Blacksmith, nigh an hundred years old, and many
more gathered to meet me, for morning worship. The
Pagan chief was glad to see me, because he thought it was
a true mark of friendship coming there, as they did not
assemble to worship with those in Oneida Castle, where
there is a good house built for the purpose of gathering to-
gether every Sabbath. I never was more affected that I
know in my life: for this old chief, no doubt, was a real
Pagan within, as well as outwardly so, and was the
strangest figure I ever beheld. Black darkness, I thought,
covered his mind; and he appeared as a beast of the earth:
yet he conducted himself respectfully to me, smoking his
pipe all the time of our being together, accompanied with
several younger Chiefs and night forty Indian men, and
aged women. Before our worship commenced, he got hold
of my hand, having it for some time as fast as possible