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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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attending some of their Councils, as is
common to experience in attending a
Quarterly Meeting. But it will take us
some time before their Language will be
come familiar and we can get to
understand it. __ About 30 of
the Indians has since joined, and opened
the Road proposed, which will be
an advantage to us as well as to
them, a grand piece of work for
Indians, it being copletley done.


did not attend the
Counsil, but has since been here. I
did not deliver the message to him
for want of an Interpreter, Jacob
saying he thought he could
not make him understand which
of the friends that were here was thee.

There was a paragraph in the address
from the Committee, to the Indians, sent
by us, recommending, that when
any of them has done any thing, that a
nother does not like, they should not differ
about it, but forgive him that had
done the wrong, for the good Spirit