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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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the Road very Baggy and Rough
until after after leaving the Waters
of Pine Creek, then pased through
some good land near the head Wa-
ters of the Allegeny, and towards
evening at the foot of a Mountain
where we had plenty of Water, we
pitched our Camp, and prepared
for Lodging, had a good nights rest
after a fataguing days Journey of
26 miles, Cousin Walking all the
way, I the greater part, she did it
of Choice.

2 nd 1 day of the Week

a Cloudy Morning
Set out at 5 OClock, traveling until
traveling until 8, on Crossing
Oswago Creek, a Branch of the Allegeny,
it began to Rain, we pitched camp &
got Breakfast, started at 9 and
arrived at John Bell

's at 12 in Kings
Settlement his Wife seeing us coming
ran out to meet us with Tears run-
ing down, we were glad to see her,
the Joy was mutual, the sight of a
fnd after so perelious a Journey, how
consoleing, having been more than