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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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myself over, in a Canoe, we traveled
on through the Wilderness, up the Pine
Creek until about one, when we turn-
ed our Horses out to pasture while
we prepared our Dinner, there being
plenty of fine grass on the bottoms
near Sd Creek, about 2 OClock we startd
and Journeyed on until ½ past 6, then
pitched Camp, and prepared for
a Nights Lodging in the Woods, we
put forks in the Ground, and with
our Waggon Cover, made a pretty
good Tent, then after taking some
Chocolate went to Bed, tho our lodg-
ing was pretty Comfortable yet I
got but little Sleep, by the marks
on the trees we came 15 miles

6 mo 1 st 7th day

a Clear Cool Morn-
ing, at 5 OClock we set out again,
travelled till 8 then stoped and got
Breakfast, it is almost impossible
to tell how often we have Crossed
Pine Creek since we first came on
its waters, but now being up the third
fork we expect shortly to leave it. ½ past
9 set out again, I mounted one of
the Horses having the Bed for a saddle