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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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or mending. The that we are kept very busy at home
so far, together with housework and sewing for the young men
indeed it was time for them to have females among
them, their situation was trying, let those who are favourd
>with all the necessaries of life calmly reflect on the advantages
they possess, and the necessity of rendering thanks to their
gracious benefactor. I salute you all in near affection
hoping to hear from you before long, and wish to be rem
embered to all enquiring friends and relations, not
forgeting dear Grandmother, in which my husband and
cousin joins. I mention'd it was that letter would come
this summer on the state road that communication will
be entirely stoped in the winter Jesse

or Abner Barker at
Pittsburg will take care to forward letters to us I hope thou
wilt not expose