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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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knowing it is not human literature or the invention of
man we are to be enriched with but the blessings of the poor
in spirit. - I frequently look toward my native home with
longing desires to hear from you, having not heard a word
from chester C since we left there, my dear B

has not
been very well since we came here tho mostly keeps
about J Taylor often charges him to take care of himself
till he becomes a little accostumed to the climate and
water, I have been bravely, cousin also. They had moved
into their new house about two weeks before we came which
will be a very comfortable one when it is finished and
a pleasant situation tho so lately clear'd that the gardens
&c will not be very productive this season. they have
two men hired one a carpenter finishing the mill wright and another digging in