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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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some hour when the watery clouds are
discharging their whitened substance
and the trees of the forrest are clad with
the icy snow- while my mind is un-
molested with the cares of this life - and
my thoughts absorbed in awful medita-
tion- may I view all temporary scenes
as fading toys, and revere that hand
from whom all good comes- Now at
this solemn period attend O my soul
in humility wait to be learn'd by this
inward teacher -- O my faultering
mind, how long wilt thou be blundering
along in thy journey Heavenward. thou
hast often seen this insufficience of hu-
man frailty therefore in full confi-
dence, rely on that Power which at sea-
sons, thou hast felt to be precious.--
And now O Lord permit me to intercede
for a renewal of thy holy aid, that
when thou in thy wisdom may see
mete to hide, as it were, thy face from