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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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therein are careful to dwell near the Divine
direction they will be preserved; and may
at a future day have to view their labours
with satisfaction.

11 Month 30th

In answer to her brother JS

desired to be informed of the customs & man-
-ners of the natives-- says Since the young
men resided here, the natives had a great
image cut out of a Pine tree and made
after the figure of a man, and painted,
so as to look frightful, which they call'd
the Great Spirit. They had set times of
worshiping and dancing before it. But
as their minds became more enlighten'd
some of them grew uneasy with
this image, and they had many confer-
ences what should be done with it; but
they were fearful of destroying it, lest
some evil should befall them.- At
length one of their chiefs proposed taking
it into the woods and puting some beans
and corn by it, to shew their good will