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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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he would support us if our eye were
fixed upon him. -- Thus as I endea-
voured to become resigned. I felt at sea-
sons a comfortable consolation, and have
experienced, even in this remote part of
the country, a brook by the way, that
will refresh the weary traveler.-- Our re-
ligious opportunities are mostly attended
with a lively savour. It is encouraging
to hear that the petitions of those who
have been & still are as valiants in our Israel are
ascending on our behalf.- Surely it calls
for grateful returns of thankfulness to
the Author of all good.-

The natives appear friendly disposed
and are gradually increasing in the ideas
of civilized life.-- Some of them are much
spirited in cultivating their farms and
in geting more comfortable houses.--

The concern feels weighty and impor-
tant, and I have no doubt but that it
was rightly founded; and if those engag'd