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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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was almost ready to run counter to se-
cret impressions; but knowing my peace
consisted in obedience; and remembring
how it was with good old Jacob: when
he left his father’s house to go into a
strange country, that in the course of
his journey, when alone, he had to ac-
knowledge, “surely the Lord is in this
place and I knew it not.”- and how
he was preserv'd and bless'd, so that on
his returning, he said, "I am not worthy of the
least of thy mercies, for with my staff
I passed over this Jordon, and now I
am become two bands.”-- As these con-
siderations reviv'd with renew'd faith,
that the Divine presence, is still the
same that ever it was, to those who
are truly devoted to serve the Most
High. - my faith was a little
strengthened, the mountains gradually
disappear'd and a belief increas'd, that
if it was the Lords will for us to go,