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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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some time to learn their language and
to procure materials for spinning

11 Month 1st

To a friend - Thy letter of 7 mo last
came safe to hand. The wholesome counsel
together with the interesting information,
was truly acceptable; for it reached me at
a time when I was very desirous of hearing
from my native home; being of the latest
date of any I had received -- I was pleas'd
to find thou hadst been to see my dear
father Coope

for whose situation I have near-
by felt; knowing it was a close trial both
to him and us, to be thus separated,
now in his advanced stage of life.
Indeed when I view'd the prospect not
only of leaving him but society in gen-
eral, with my dear friends and relations,
to many of whom I have of late felt
an increasing nearness, with desires for the
advancement of our Zion, and to live so
retired in an uncultivated part of the coun-
try, was so in the cross, that at times I