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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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embraces of endearing love: Father Coope

ing us company to James Embree’s. -- On
parting with him tears flow’d in an abun-
dance, under a feeling sympathy with
him and ardent desires were raised in my
heart, that he might be enriched with that
peace, now in his lonesome and advanc’d
stage of life, that is the precious enjoy-
ment of the righteous: - We lodged at William
where on my going to bed I
quietly fell asleep. but waking before three
Oclock, the remembrance of the parting scene
so forcibly revived, that tears could not be
suppress'd, and sleep departed. Thou O my
God hast at seasons, in thy unmerrited
goodness, been pleased to make bare thy
arm, and in times of trial, as patience
was abode in, offerd sweet consolation; un-
der a humbling sense thereof, may I a
little intercede for the renew’d continuence
of thy love. ---- On the evening of their
second days journey she remarks.-- My
attention has been so taken up with viewing