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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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of duty.- The impressions were so strong and
at time would revive with such weight
that I believ’d it right for me to submit
our going to our friends; had they discoura-
ged it I think I should have felt re-
leased.-- My sincere desire from the first
was, that we might be guided by that
hand, that will lead all those rightly
who rely thereon; and I thought there
was a comfortable degree of peace experien-
ced in being resigned: but the near sym-
pathy I felt for thee, together with the
many trials I had to meet with, reduced
me so low that, had my request at a
weak time been granted, I should not
now be in a state of mutibility.--
I am very sensible, that thro’ unwatch-
fulness I have often err’d from the right
way; yet have been made truly thank-
ful, that conviction followed; and at sea-
sons been enabled to renew covenant--
but O the natural will, how strong, how
hard to be kept in its proper subjection,