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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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so impress’d with it as to cause them to
believe it right to give it place. And on
closely tending to the concern it so ripened, as to
make them willing to lay their prospect
before the friends of their monthly meeting,
for their sympathy and advise. Tho’ a
close trial to their friends to part with
them yet upon weighty deliberation they
judged it best to leave them at liberty,
to persue their religious prospects, as way
might open: which on closely attending
too they believed it right to prepare for
the journey, and was were enabled to give up
a good and comfortable home, the society
of their friends and near relations to be
found in the way of their duty. From
the notes she kept of her journey the follow-
ing is are extracted.

1805. 5 Month 20th

After a time of comfortable
quiet wherein we were favoured to feel the
overshadowings of Divine regard a number
of our friends and near relations being pre-
sent we took leave of them in the feeling