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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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About the 21st year of her age she was
married to Benjamin Coope

, and settled
in the verge of Bradford meeting, of
which she was a diligent attender, and
increas’d in usefulness among them,
labouring with friends in supporting
Church discipline, and visiting those who
miss'd their way. She several years acted
as clerk to their mo. Meeting.

In the year 1804 information was
sent down from the yearly meeting to the
quarterly and monthly meetings that the
settlement made by friends among the na-
tives on the Allegany river was now so advanced
as to need the assistance of females
in instructing and exampleling
their sex in domesting concerns. request-
ing that if a suitably qualifyed friend &
his companion should feel their minds
engaged in the concern to come forward as vo-
lunteers. When it information was spread in the monthly
and quarterly meetings of which she was a
member her and her husband’s minds became